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For the past 24 years, Walker Cinema Architects has been at the forefront of International Multiplex cinema design, particularly throughout New Zealand and India. Walker Architects which was founded in 1932 by Lewis Walker, is a dynamic New Zealand based company whose diversely talented staff ranging from leading-edge designers to very experienced ‘old hands’ capable of documenting and administering a wide variety of project types, large and small. A substantial portfolio of completed international projects attests to Walker Cinema Architects commitment to maintaining international standards for all of its clients.

Effective communication is an essential key to Walker Cinema Architects’ success, allowing for effective project management no matter where these are global. Extensive and ongoing investment by Walker Cinema Architects in the latest computer technology has streamlined internal processes and production, enabling timely and accurate production and delivery of information from project inception through to completion.

The staff at Walker Cinema Architects are passionate about design and pride themselves on the professionalism they bring to all aspects of their work. The field of cinema and entertainment is both fast-growing and technically challenging. It is crucial that any company involved in this area of design is well versed with these changes and developments. Walker Cinema Architects understands and recognises this need and for innovative design. We are dedicated to being a world leader in this unique field of architecture.

A Word About Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is paramount in a multi disciplined practice which operates out of a number of offices in different locations. This is something which Walker Cinema Architects prides itself on and we understand developing credibility in this area is essential. Teams assigned to projects are sequested to this project and documentation systems are put in place to ensure that there is no possibility of any sensitive client data exposure to other projects. Systems and processes, both internal and external,  are regularly reviewed and audited for client security and contract terms around this, form part of all our work.

Feasibility Studies

Determination of the feasibility of building site and overall location. As Walker Cinema Architects design entertainment centres and retail malls with integral multiplexes in them, we are able to give expert advice on the feasibility of cinemas within mall complexes. Our work at this early stage includes general principles, diagrammatic plans and sections.

Concept Design

Once the project proceeds and feasibility has been accepted, we create our magic, developing the initial feasibility and creating options if relevant. The plans show seating layouts and number of seats per auditorium, projection configurations, and the use of our purpose designed computer programme and 3D modeling package to determine optimum viewing angles and other technical configurations, to provide maximum efficiency of space, and quality of sound and vision to the end user. Also at this stage we create sketches and images to give the “feel” of the place. This is an essential part where we clearly integrate our clients expectations. This phase of work forms the basis of the design development. This work can be 3D computer modelled with fly-throughs or handcrafted sketches to explain the concept.

Design Development

In this stage greater detail is overlaid on to the concept. At this point, working in conjunction with a Quantity Surveyor, we are able to design to a budget or give early expected cost parameters of various design elements for consideration. The areas of detail include concession counters, ticketing, booth equipment, stairs, toilets, projection room “Bio Box”, detail ceiling plans, and various feature elements within the multiplex.This can then be used for local architects to prepare construction documents, or Walker Cinema Architects can fully document this stage. If a local architect is used then we would liaise closely through the process to ensure the design intent is not lost, and ensure a smooth and comprehensive process for clients in their realization of their new multiplex.

Contract Documentation

Accurate contract documentation is essential to a successful project and we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time. From liaison with the developer's shell architect through to the final drawings issued for construction every aspect of the cinema complex is covered. We produce thorough and fast documentation, with clever use of materials to ensure longevity and reduce future maintenance issues. We have an extensive data file to call upon which is continually updated to ensure we have access to latest trends and technology.

Contract Administration

Administration of the contract begins at an early stage with meetings with the building shell developer usually alongside or on behalf of our cinema operator client. By constant liaison with the shell contractor, we are able to pinpoint any irregularities that may affect our fit-out project. Contract observation means we are able to provide immediate solutions to possible potential problems thus alleviating any worries the cinema operator may have.

Retrofits and Refurbishments

Walker Cinema Architects has been commissioned to retrofit older cinema complexes. The extra challenge of these constraints does not hinder the final outcome. Our latest multiplex retrofits have been highly successful and profitable to our clients, involving the use of the latest technology and standards into a holistic design that when finished seems as if it was purpose designed from the onset. Our practice is commissioned to give peer review on other Architects multiplex plans if required.

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