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Andheri Cinema

A proposed INOX multiplex to be built above a retail mall, the main foyer comprises a low long gallery-like space running under a row of auditoria and bio box above.
Arrival is from one side via a vertical movement space with lifts, stairs and escalators, which continue to rise above to the auditoria. A small concessions area is at street level, 3 storeys below, facing the street entry.

Directly above, mid-gallery, a similar small concession area faces those arriving, a series of stacked floating backlit green glass and white conglomerate stone, set into a long wall of backlit movie posters. The long space is a cinematic gallery with youth entertainment at one end and cafe lounge at the other. A soft white illuminated curved ceiling enlarges the feel of the gallery. Its edges are broken up into fingers, its length into ‘Mondrian’ pattern panels reflecting the floor tile pattern.

  • LOCATION : Mumbai / India
  • Client: INOX