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Citi Centre Chennai

This is the Contemporary option on the 3rd floor of the Citi Centre Mall. A minimalist sophisticated modern look primarily directed towards the youth of Chennai. In response to a spread out floor around two sides of a large central atrium it used stainless steel mesh rolling up from behind concessions and wrapping around the bridge link between bio boxes. The concessions were a further development of a broken glass counter developed on a previous multiplex. The external form of one of the main auditoriums was picked out in red. This was in contrast to the otherwise white and stainless mesh interior. Upper-level foyer with bridges completed the 3-dimensional sculptural space modelled with light. This multiplex was juxtaposed and in stark contrast to the old world feel of the final mall. This remains a favourite although it was not further developed because a more conservative old world option was favoured.

  • LOCATION : Chennai / india
  • Client: INOX