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Nairaman Point

Contemporary option on top of crossroads 2 malls below car park levels. The plan constraints of the site meant that the auditoriums were put in a row down the back side and the main foyer extended along the front. This created a very narrow and very long foyer with a slight curve to the outside following the building facade line. The glazing to the street along this face received sun strike. To overcome these issues and provide a presence for Inox on the outside of the building we incorporated a Mondrian pattern of bright coloured translucent film over the glass. Signage was to be behind the glass on the bulkhead formed by the bio box. Intersecting this in a slim vertical line was a scenic lift on the exterior of the building. The interior was predominantly white marble with black marble to the twin concessions with an accent red to the interior of these.

  • LOCATION : South Mumbai / India
  • Client: INOX