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Pune Entertainment Centre

Double stacked option. Our first preferred option. Part of the large Amanora Market City development, which is also designed by Walker Group Architects. 11 screen with 5 up and 5 down, in a double stack. With one extra large auditorium.3500 seats. Site-specific the multiplex has very prominent exposure from outside. Seen as a major anchor in a block specifically targeted to entertainment. With a large structurally glazed atrium to the north (avoiding sun strike) the foyers and vertical circulation are on display to the outside world. A reversal of the idea of excluding the outside world, the cinema-goers become part of the theatre of the occasion. The floating foyer platforms within the atrium and it’s expressed structure, are connected by bridges to each individual theatre through an aperture in a solid wall. This wall is a strong red in contrast to the white and stainless steel of the atrium.

  • LOCATION : Pune / India
  • Client: Future Group