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Rialto Arthouse Cinema

The Newmarket Rialto Cinema Complex had been in existence for 20 years and by 2004 it was badly in need of a major upgrade. The owners of the retail complex in which the cinema is situated, committed to a complete rearrangement of their centre to allow a greatly enlarged foyer and the addition of 2 complete new cinemas.
This required an extension to the existing art facade on Broadway, so it was important for the new work to be sympathetic to the existing design and also be approved by the Urban Design Panel.
It was important to produce a point of difference between mainstream cinemas and this new expression of the art house genre. A rich and luxurious, but a refined interior, both in the foyer and in the seven independent auditoria, the revitalised Village Rialto Cinemas opened in 2006.

  • LOCATION : Newmarket / New Zealand
  • Client: Village